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Old 12-16-2012, 11:47 PM
Taz089 Taz089 is offline
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Default President will ask for gun control- right or wrong

I will make this as brief as possible. I was employed in law enforcement when the Columbine Massacre occurred. Shortly after that I was transferred into a school resource officers position. I worked in a rural area and was in charge of a high school and a middle school. After 9-11, I was moved into a joint federal anti-terrorism task force. Part of our duties in the task force were to identify "soft targets" that could be attacked with very little effort and cause the worse impact. Whether that would be financial, disruption of services or mass casualties. I will not go into all the details of the areas that were identified (it is really scary the things that I learned.) Due to my experience with being a school resource officer, l gave a lot of input in this area.
Some of the suggestions to try and deter schools from being targeted were:
1. Have at least one officer in every school. Unfortunately, this would be extremely expensive. There are some communities that actually have more schools in there area than they have law enforcement officers.
2. Train school employees (that would like to carry a pistol) thru local or state law enforcement agencies on how to handle a gun/pistol. They could follow the same training that the local or state law enforcement officers have to follow.
3. Every school should have controlled access points. Most newer schools have these, but once again going back and retro fitting the older schools would take time and be very expensive.
These are a few that were talked about during some of our brainstorming sessions.
After watching the President tonight give his speech at the most recent massacre in Conn., I think that there is about to be a lot of gun control talk. The problem with this argument is that will not stop people that want to do harm to our children. In the late 1800's, the first massacre at a school in the US occurred when the principle placed explosives in the school and killed everyone inside. Two days ago in China there was a massacre at a school were 18 people were killed by a guy with a knife. If you take guns away from law abiding citizens, then the only people that have guns will be the criminals. I would not want to find myself in a gun fight holding a knife.
This is a harsh way to put it but this is how we looked at things realistically. If you could make target A have more of a chance of failure (for the terrorist) than target B, then it was considered still a target, but not "soft." Layman's terms: A bank robber is casing two banks. Bank A has two armed guards and $1,000,000. Bank B has no armed guards but only $500,000. Even though bank A has a higher reward, it also has a much higher risk. More than likely, the bank robbers will go after Bank B. Just think if it was reported in the media that teachers were allowed to carry concealed weapons.
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Old 12-17-2012, 12:02 PM
hambone843 hambone843 is online now
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Default Re: President will ask for gun control- right or wrong

Very good points.
There also needs to be more control of mental ill people. Today there are no more 'crazy houses' that people would be put in. With all of the mass killings almost all of the killers have to have some mental illness.
As the old saying goes 'guns dont kill people, people kill people'.
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Old 12-17-2012, 04:25 PM
Tiger80 Tiger80 is online now
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Post Re: President will ask for gun control- right or wrong

Bullet proof glass would apparently have helped on Friday.

I also think a process of locking down sections of the school like a ship seals compartment is something to consider, especially if the school has access to the sealed area for rescues by law enforcement.

The problem with the situation in CT was twofold: He got into the school and he had free access after he gained entry.

The issue with mental health is a slippery slope. For extreme measures to be taken, there must be a great deal of evidence that a person is an imminent threat to themselves or to others. I do not know what we really know about this young man other than what his brother said.

BTW, I hope it is not lost on anyone that the teachers and children were not the only victims. We need to pray for the brother of the shooter. This young man lost his mom and his brother on Friday. He must be going through an agonizing combination of confusion and grief. My thoughts are first and foremost on the family and friends of the victims at the school, but I do not want us to forget his loss.

If you ever want to see a true story about forgiveness, watch the TV movie, "Amish Grace." It shows the ultimate in someone practicing their Christian faith, something I cannot be certain I would be able to do.
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