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Old 06-14-2015, 06:45 PM
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Default Practical Joker

I hope to complete stories for my book pretty soon. At the present I have 108 stories with a few more to complete. Here is one that might induce a laugh.

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L. B. Dale was a master at playing a practical joke but one day his joke backfired. L. B. graduated from Alachua High School in the 1940 class. He, along with other members of that class, entered the University of Florida that fall and several of them were on the same floor in one of the dorms. I was already in school but was living off campus. During our free time we often gathered in L. B.'s room or the room of one of the other Alachua graduates.

Several members of the Gator football team were also housed on the same floor. We all became acquainted and gathered for bull sessions in one of the rooms. One day L. B. decided to play a trick on one of the football players. To protect his identity I'll not mention his name. L. B. had a ten quart bucket which he was going to fill with water and place it over the door. When the unsuspecting victim entered the room, he was going to get a shower.

I went down to the player's room and suggested we go down to L. B.'s room to see what was going on. As we were going down the hall, I told him to go ahead as I wanted to go by another player's room to see if he wanted to join us.

When I got back to the room water was everywhere and the player was soaking wet but did not say a word. He picket up the bucket, went into the bathroom, filled the bucket with water, came back into the room and dumped the entire contents on L. B.'s bed. He placed the empty bucket on the bed and left the room without saying a word. L. B. stood there dumbfounded. I don't know what he told the people in housing when he said he needed a new mattress.

Most people would get mad when something like this occurred but not these two. The next day both L. B. and the football player were laughing about their water baths. When everyone else on the floor heard about the incident, they also had a big laugh.
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